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How To Reduce Your Monthly Spending

Today I’m sharing some practical tips to help you with cutting down your monthly expenses. Managing your finances can be challenging, especially when you have a long list of expenses to cover each month. Because of this, it’s important to… Continue Reading →

Bad Financial Habits To Avoid

Do you know someone who has a well-paid job but always complains they can’t afford to go out whenever you invite them?  Conversely, you may know somebody who has a modest income but appears to live a comfortable life and… Continue Reading →

Why David Bolno Places An Emphasis On Helping Others

I went to school before the digital age arrived and didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I left.  This was largely due to the fact that I wasn’t really aware of what opportunities were out there. Nowadays,… Continue Reading →

Best Weekend Getaways from Newark Airport

Sure the hustle and bustle of the city can be fun, but sometimes you just need a getaway for some fresh air and relaxation. If you’re in Newark (or the entire NYC metropolitan area, for that matter), there are dozens… Continue Reading →

How To Choose Unique Backgrounds For Your Photos

When you do photoshoots, it’s important not to overlook the background.  It’s amazing what a difference a background can make to the appearance of your image – whether it’s a portrait or a still image.  The background can detract from… Continue Reading →

How To Take Appealing Photos Of Food

If you like to take pictures of food for a blog, or just to share with your friends on Instagram, you can improve your food photography with just a few tweaks: Lighting Is Key It’s important to be careful with… Continue Reading →

How To Capture Moving Targets Without Motion Blur

One of the hardest jobs for a photographer is shooting moving targets.  Not only is it hard to catch them in the frame, but it’s also hard to keep the image from blurring.  It’s a lot more challenging than taking… Continue Reading →

How To Take Stunning Close-Up Photos

When you take close-up photos, a shaky hand and bad lighting show up even more.  Thankfully, there are some things you can do to perfect a close-up photo, whatever the subject matter is. Set Up the Subject Matter Put the… Continue Reading →

How To Perfect Photographing Nature

Few things are better than taking pictures of nature.  Even amateur photographers gravitate towards taking pictures of nature because it’s easier to get a good picture, with the right approach.  After all, nature is the most magnificent work of art,… Continue Reading →

How To Perfect Taking Wide Angle Photos

One of the trickiest aspects of photography is using a wide-angle lens. With a wide-angle lens, it more closely approximates the way we actually see the world. Most of us can see a little bit on each side of any… Continue Reading →

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