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Imagine travelling to beautiful and exciting destinations all around the world, trying delicious food, meeting interesting people and seeing some of the best views that nature has to offer. Imagine taking photos of everything you see and making money from the entire adventure. Imagine even getting paid to travel by the person who hires you […]
Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island, with many different landscapes, cultures and religions. As such, it is perfect for all kinds of travellers. It’s affectionately called “The Island of 10,000 Temples.” Here are a few things that make Bali a premier destination for your next tour: Bali’s Culture The best thing you can do in […]
The Inca Trail This is undoubtedly Peru’s most popular trekking route. Recommended for the physically fit only, it runs for more than 40km and reaches 4,200 metres above sea level (masl). at its highest point, that is the Warmiwañuska or Dead Woman’s Pass. The stone-paved trail, discovered in 1960 and part of the more than […]
Travelling solo can be a great adventure. If you travel alone, you’ll get to know yourself better and follow your own schedule. If you’ve been holding back, these tips will make it easier for you to head out alone. You’ll learn how to deal with three of the most common concerns. Coping with Loneliness and […]
Whitewater rafting is a perfect way to combine a love for the outdoors and the rushing thrill of taking on nature’s elements. There is nothing quite like driving through a rushing whorl of water as the spray hits your face. Bouncing up and down in your seat, you feel you are only moments away from […]
Costa Rica is an eco-tourism paradise with rainforests, exotic wildlife, volcanoes and much more. This relatively small Central American country is also an interesting place to scuba dive. Most of the diving in Costa Rica is done on the west coast Pacific Ocean side. An area up in the Guanacaste region, located in the northwestern […]
When planning your next tour, accommodation and food are likely to eat up a large slice of your budget. It’s therefore important to consider your options to obtain the best value possible, without having to make too many compromises. Somehow, though, in spite of all of our best intentions, holidays always seem to cost more […]