Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island, with many different landscapes, cultures and religions. As such, it is perfect for all kinds of travellers. It’s affectionately called “The Island of 10,000 Temples.”

Here are a few things that make Bali a premier destination for your next tour:

Bali’s Culture

The best thing you can do in Bali is to explore the culture, meet the locals and see how they live.

In order to learn more about Balinese culture, you need to visit the local markets with traditional Balinese dress, attend a temple ceremony or try out some local cuisine with flavours that are unlike anything you have tried before.

The spiritual culture of Bali is mainly a mixture of Balinese Hinduism and Islam. The culture is also known for its arts. Experience the breathtaking paintings, sculptures and other artwork that makes Bali famous. Dance and music also play a big part in the Bali culture.

Despite its rapid growth, Bali has preserved the culture that has always been its charm.

Natural Beauty of Bali

Bali’s natural beauty causes many travellers to consider it as a must place to visit. The tropical island offers a diverse and rich enviroment.

One of the most interesting features that makes Bali stand out, for nature lovers, are the tall banyan trees, throughout the island. Many Balinese traditions and ceremonies celebrate the numerous species of plant life.

Bali is also the home of numerous forms of wildlife. Bali is a haven for birdwatchers as it is home to over 300 species of birds. In addition, animal lovers visit Bali to see the various kinds of monkeys, deer and other wildlife that live here.

Experience the beauty by taking a mountain hike and also venture through the lush green forests at Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple.

Stunning Beaches

There are many options for beach lovers, such as the popular Batu Bolong Beach. Alternatively, you can explore hidden beaches such as Padangbai Beach, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Panca Sari Beach and many others.

Sea Lovers

There is so much you can do in and on the water. There are numerous surf spots around the island if you want to catch the waves.

You could rent a boat or take a fishing trip with one of Bali’s many fishermen. Dive off small islands such as Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan. The clear waters at Bunaken National Marine Park are particularly popular for snorkelling. If you’re looking for something more relaxing you could just watch dolphins frolic in Tanjung Benoa Bay.


Bali has many festivals that are celebrated all year round. Perhaps, the most popular of these would be the Galungan Festival, which is celebrated in late November or early December.

The Galungan festival was traditionally held to commemorate the death of the Hindu deity, named Galung, who was believed to have descended from his heavenly abode to live on earth for 100 days. Today, it is also known as a time for peace and self-reflection, with Balinese people cleaning their homes, adorning themselves with traditional costumes and visiting temples in order to pray.

The most notable thing about this festival is the way in which it incorporates Hinduism and animist traditions, in what they believe is a true reflection of Balinese culture.

The Nyepi festival is another popular festival. In some areas of Bali, people have street parties on this day to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, which is called “Nyempen” or “Ngembak Geni”.

In other areas, people wear yellow clothes to symbolize the new year and have a feast with family members.

On Nyepi, all people in Bali stay at home and celebrate by resting or meditating. This festival is a reminder that we should not give into temptations and greed, as it will result in negative karma.

The day after Nyepi is the first day of Hindu new year and is called Saka Dawa.

Meditate and Experience a Personal Spiritual Awakening

With thousands of temples and places to worship, as well as its beautiful natural surroundings, Bali offers a powerful and spiritual experience for people of many faiths and backgrounds.

Many statues and temples offer a truly diverse glimpse into the spiritual beliefs of the Balinese people. The Balinese often welcome tourists, seeking to take part in and wanting to learn more about the various religious ceremonies, that take place on the island.

Improve Your Physical Health

For the Balinese people, physical well-being is an important part of the spiritual journey. Much of the Balinese way of life revolves around farming and fishing. Bali is mostly organized into villages that support each other and encourage physical health among fellow villagers.

While visiting Bali, enjoy a vitamin lunch that cleans your body and opens your mind and spirit up to new, powerful experiences. Strengthen your body and relax your mind with traditional Balinese yoga. Aromatherapy, incredible massages and acupuncture help you to awaken your senses. Just take a walk and be at one with nature.

Bali’s incredibly diverse culture, rich religious history and beautiful natural surroundings make it one of the best places to experience a physical, mental and spiritual awakening.


Bali offers a unique experience that has something for everyone. You can enjoy the calm and culture by visiting temples, markets and helping the locals to plant rice.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a higher adrenaline experience, you can enjoy watersports, take the zip line at Skyline Park and then visit a nightclub. The choice is yours. Either way, put Bali on your tour list.

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