What is creativity and why is it important?

Creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new or different. It is a skill that not everyone has, and it can be difficult to teach. Creativity is important because it lets people come up with new ideas, which can help solve problems in a variety of fields.

In order for someone to be creative, they need to have a certain amount of intelligence and knowledge about the field they are working in. They also need to have the ability to think outside the box and come up with new solutions for old problems. Creativity is important because it lets people come up with new ideas, which can help solve problems in a variety of fields.  It’s useful whether we want to pursue a creative hobby or simply to be able to think outside the box in everyday life.

Keep a dream diary

Keeping a dream diary will help you with your creativity by making you more aware of your unconscious thoughts. This is because dreams are a window into the unconscious mind.

Some people believe that writing down their dreams will increase their creativity. It has been shown that people who keep a dream diary tend to have more creative ideas than those who don’t.

As part of trying to harness your sleeping mind’s natural creativity, it’s a good idea to make sure you get enough sleep.  If you don’t seek out ways to help improve your sleep.

Get active

Numerous studies have shown that physical exercise genuinely does help us become more creative as well as improve brain function. If you aren’t sure how to begin try walking outside, which can help stimulate the senses and expand your thoughts. You could even take a walk in a new place or explore an unfamiliar area of town. Seeing new people and places might spark ideas in your brain.

Another thing that can boost creativity is dancing or any other type of movement that requires coordination. This will help to increase brain activity and improve memory function.

Do something to get you outside.  A walk in the country may be or even taking up gardening can help.

Keep learning

A creative mind is a curious mind, so make an effort to keep learning new skills throughout your life. Exposing yourself to new ideas and indulging your natural curiosity to find out more about the world and everything in it is a great way to start.

If there’s nothing you particularly want to learn about or learn to do, try reading a novel. Whether you simply make an effort to read more in your spare time or look into taking more actual courses, constant learning is an important tool for boosting your creativity.

Say yes

Say yes to new experiences.  Take up invitations to new places or opportunities to meet new people.  You’ll have successes and failures, but overall you’re likely to develop new and more creative ways of thinking if you expose yourself to new situations. Consider changing your look and your appearance to ring the changes.  Even if you don’t stick with it, you’ll have gained new insights and experiences.


Creativity can be cultivated by practising it regularly or by providing an environment that stimulates creative thinking. It’s a skill, an aptitude that can be developed and nurtured.  Make sure you feed your creativity every day.

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