Learning a new skill will not only help you to become a well-rounded person, but it will also help keep you up to date and in touch with the world around you.  As working from home becomes more popular, this becomes increasingly important.

It is important to learn new skills in order to grow and develop as an individual.  This can be for simply fun; to help you stay active, or to give your brain a workout.

Keeping work skills, like how to use technology, up to date is also important for the economy, because if we have more skills, then there are more opportunities for people and businesses. If we want to be able to take on any job that comes up, it is important that we are always learning and improving our skills so that we can be prepared for anything.

Physical skills

A physical skill can be a sporting activity, like learning to play tennis, or it can be something more creative like woodworking or pottery. Learning a new physical skill can help you have better coordination and control over your body.  This is particularly good as we get older and potentially less active, but it’s true for any stage in life.  Learning a new physical skill is also likely to have increased confidence and self-esteem benefits.  Think about how rewarding it would be to make and mend your own clothes for instance.

Creative skills

Creative skills are not something that comes naturally to everyone. But creative skills still need to be learned, practised and honed over time.

It’s not just about making art or writing scripts for movies or plays or learning to take nice photographs. Creative skills are about being able to think outside the box, seeing things in new ways, coming up with new ideas and solutions to old problems, bringing out the best in other people, making connections between seemingly unrelated things and so on.  Maybe take an evening class or join a club associated with your new hobby to help tap into the knowledge and skills of others.

In this way, creative skills can be applied across many industries such as marketing, advertising, business development, design thinking etc.

Language skills

Learning a language skill is a valuable investment for the future. It can be used to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, explore new cultures and countries, and understand different perspectives.

The advantages of learning a language are many. It can help you get a better job; make more money; get more out of your holiday, and even find someone who shares your interests in your own country or abroad.  Maybe pick out a holiday destination and base your language choice on that.

Advantages of learning a new skill

The upsides of learning to do something new are many.  You’ll have a healthier mind and/or body.  The chances are it will open new doors for you as you meet more people and widen your experience. You’ll increase your adaptability which will help in your job and in everyday life. Even if it’s just something to talk about with your friends that’s a positive.  The chances are that if people know you have skills they will like you better because you’ll have gained their respect and admiration.  Whether for hobby or career purposes, learning brings joy and satisfaction, regardless of age or professional standing.

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This post was kindly written by Erica at 92three30.com